What Would You Do?



I was inspired to write a song about this after watching a TV show called "What Would You Do?".

"What Would You Do?" is about situations that you could be in and you see someone who needs help. Would you look the other way? If you're walking down the street and you see a couple fighting and the argument escalates, would you do something? If you see a homeless man getting beat, would you pretend as if nothing is happening?

Only a handful of people intervene. The rest may think it's not their business and they go along with their day walking past everything. What would you do?

What Would You Do? (Promo Video)

What Would You Do? (Photo Shoot)

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What Would You Do? (Lyric Video)

What Would You Do? (Live in Serbia)

What Would You Do? (live acoustic)

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The Making - What Would You Do?


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